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Baby Clothing Display

Display favorite baby clothes on this tabletop hanging rack. When the child is older, they'll love using it for doll clothes.


2 porch spindles
scrap wood
scrap fabric
spray adhesive
2 rosettes
2 decorative knobs


1. Paint the spindles as desired.

2. Cut and paint scrap wood for the base of the rack. Secure the spindles to it from the bottom with screws.

3. To prevent the base from scratching furniture, attach a piece of scrap fabric to the bottom with spray adhesive

4. Turn the rack upright and screw on two rosettes (normally used to hold closet bars). Put the bar in place.

5. Cut another piece of scrap wood the same size as the base to be used as the top. Attach it to the spindles with screws.

6. Glue knobs to the top for a decorative touch.

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