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Jean and Leather Purse, Leather Belts

Projects by Pat DeSantis.

Materials and Tools:

1 leg from a pair of jeans
1 yard Wrights 4-inch-wide faux suede trim with fringe #1836532073
1 yard Wrights 2-inch-wide woven band #1837185001
1-1/2 yard Wrights 1-inch-wide faux leather band #1836444073
sewing supplies
fabric glue
beads (optional)


1. Measure 13 inches up from the hem of the jeans leg and cut. Leave all the side seams and the hem at the bottom intact. You will now have a tube open at both ends.

2. Turn the tube of fabric inside out. Stitch the raw edge together, with right sides facing, where you cut it. Turn right side out. The hem from the bottom of the jeans is the top now, already finished.

Tip: To add a fringe to the bottom of the purse, insert it in the seam that becomes the bottom before you stitch it closed, being careful not to catch any of the strands.

3. To add the strap, measure how low you want it to hang and then cut the faux leather strap double that length, adding 1 inch for seams.

4. Attach the strap to the purse (at the side seams) with a few large stitches. Use a buttonhole thread, which will be much heavier.

5. To decorate the purse: Lay the bands down on the bag to see what they will look like. We used a wider suede trim, cut almost in half length-wise, and separated, so that the woven band could fit between the two suede pieces.

6. For more decoration, sew beads at the center of the cut flowers, using coral and turquoise beads to match the woven band colors and to give it a Western flavor.

7. Cut the trims, allowing for a 1-inch overlap on the end, hiding the raw edges of trim.

8. Glue the different trims together by placing the woven band in the center with each of the two suede trims at the top and bottom of it.

9. Starting at one side, glue the entire piece of trims to the handbag. When you get to the end, turn the raw edge back a little and glue it over the raw edge of the beginning end.

Leather Belt

Materials and Tools:

1-1/4 yard Wrights 2-inch-wide faux leather band #1836445905
9 yards Wrights faux suede cord #1848300560
grommet or hole punch
button and snap closure or hook-and-loop tape


1. Punch six holes in each end of wide band, approximately 1 inch from the edge (two rows of three holes, 1/2 inch apart).

2. Cut suede cord into 12 pieces, 18 inches each.

3. Fold a strand of cord in half and then thread it up from the bottom to the top of the bottom holes. Make a lark knot by slipping the two ends through the loop and tightening. Do the lower row first, then the upper row, from the top to the bottom, spreading the knot and catching the lower cording between the ends before tightening.

4. Repeat above steps through all holes.

5. Trim ends evenly.

6. Attach button and snap closure, or use hook-and-loop dots. Wear below waist on hips.

Knotted Cord Belt

Materials and Tools:

12 yards Wrights suede cord #1848300560


1. Cut six pieces of cord, 2 yards long each. Lay pieces on flat surface.

2. Make one square knot 12 inches from the ends; then begin knotting every 8 inches, leaving 12 inches loose after the last knot.

3. To wear, string this belt through waist loops on pants. Tie in knot in center front, leaving the ends hanging freely. Or, for added interest, just tie low around hips, with knot off center.

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