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Stamped Tag Kimono

Paula Montgomery demonstrates how to assemble this stamped tag kimono.

Project designed by Kerri Lindstrom and demonstrated by Paula Montgomery.

Materials and Tools:

3-1/2" tag
two 2-1/4" tags
red dye stamp pad
decorative string or thread
Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers stamps:
- Playing Card Elements-Z
- Chinese Text (1107-E)
- Ornate Background (997-M)
- Oriental Postal Markings-Z
adhesive of choice
Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers Gardening Stuff-Z collage sheet
Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers Bottle of Vintage Stuff-Z

Figure B


1. Sponge or dab red dye ink onto the surface of all three tags. This will act as the background color.

2. Turn the larger tag so that the hole is at the top, and turn the two smaller tags so that the holes are at the bottom.

3. Stamp the diamond stamp from Playing Card stamps in a darker red repeatedly. Do three rows on each tag.

4. On the larger, middle tag, stamp the Chinese text below the last row of diamonds.

Figure C

5. Stamp the Ornate Background and emboss in gold. Only stamp it on about half of each tag.

6. Stamp the round postal marking stamp from Oriental Postal Markings on the two holes on the side (kimono arms) tags.

Figure E

7. On the larger, middle tag, stamp the square postal marking from the same postal markings sheet. Stamp the 10 stamp from the Playing Card Elements on its side above the round and square postal markings.

8. Cut out three butterflies from the Gardening Stuff collage sheet. Glue them in a line in the center of the big tag.

Figure F

9. Glue the two small tags to the larger tag to make the kimono sleeves.

10. String some beads from the Bottle of Vintage Stuff on gold wire. String several rows through the holes on the arms of the kimono.

11. Glue a flat-bottomed charm, from the same bottle, to the center of the middle tag.

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