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Bathroom Reorganization

See how this busy Philadelphia newscaster cleans up her cluttered master bathroom.

Denise Saunders, a popular Philadelphia newscaster, bought her first home a little over a year ago and quickly got to work with a decorator to spruce up her bedroom. That project was so overwhelming to her she's been unable to do much else to her home.

Her master bathroom is in the worst shape, with cosmetic products and costume jewelry taking over every inch of counter space. Tired of grabbing for one thing and knocking over another, she is ready to get organized. Interior designer Sharon Salvano and professional organizer Janet Taylor step in to help make it happen.


First thing's first. All this mess has to be sorted in order to get organized. Taylor works with Saunders on this daunting task and helps her decide what she really needs to keep and what can be tossed. A good rule of thumb for makeup is to throw away anything that is more than a year old.

The next step is to make a game plan. Enter Salvano, who says that although the bathroom is nicely sized at 110 square feet, the medicine cabinet is tiny, there are no towel racks and no drawers in the cabinets. The space is being underutilized and nothing is easily accessible. She suggests some great new storage solutions and a new warm theme for the room.

Saunders said all she uses from this overflowing basket is the toothbrush. Unfortunately the mess is no better in the cabinets underneath that cluttered counter.


The key improvement for this master bathroom is lots of storage space, thanks to the new cabinet unit (in center of top left photo) that replaces the clutter corner of leftover bedroom furniture and deep drawers in the new vanity. The unit houses her jewelry, towels and even extra toilet paper.

Her styling products and larger items like her hair dryer are now organized and out of view in specific vanity drawers, clearing up that valuable counter space.

The new-and-improved bathroom ties in nicely with the bedroom and gives Denise Saunders a sense of accomplishment for following through the project to the end. She is so pleased with her newfound organization that she insists she'll keep it this way.

A few new accessories help add to the look. Check out the stylish towel racks.

Makeover Information

Benjamin Moore paint colors used:

Peanut Shell, eggshell finish (#2162-40)
Audubon Russet, eggshell finish (HC-51)

Products from Lillian Vernon:

bath caddy & mirror
over-door chrome caddy
wood, wicker storage modules

painting by Sheila M. Brown
"Figure in Tub" 2002, oil on canvas

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