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Punched-Tin Birdhouse Lantern

Designer Nan Sloan shares how to make a punched-tin birdhouse lantern out of tin flashing.

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Materials and Tools:

tin flashing
tin snips
wood base
light kit
rust paint kit (available at most home-improvement stores)


1. Determine the birdhouse shape you want and draw the pattern on the tin. Include tabs on the ends that can fit into slots cut into the adjacent edge. Cut out the shape with tin snips. (Remember to protect your hands with leather gloves). Cut a roof shape, also with tabs on one of the bottom edges that will fit into slots cut into the top of the birdhouse.
2. Draw a pattern onto the inside of the tin. Punch out the design with a screwdriver and awl (or hammer).
3. Cut a 6-inch wood base and a smaller piece to fit on top (adhere the two pieces with wood glue) and drill a hole through both for the electrical kit and cord.
4. Age the tin and wood with a spray paint kit that creates the look of rusted metal.
5. Fold the tin to create the birdhouse and secure to the wood base with glue.
6.Insert a light bulb and add the roof. (Keep it closed with a thin piece of wire if necessary.)

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