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Silverware Caddies

Silverware caddies can be transported very easily and they simply unroll to reveal every dining implement needed. Follow these step-by-step instructions.


two complementary fabrics
seam binding
fusible felt tape
measuring guide
fabric pencil


1. Cut two rectangular pieces measuring 13 inches long by 11 inches high (one from each fabric). Cut a piece of fusible felt the same size and iron it to the wrong side of the outside fabric.
2. Round all four corners of the rectangles by tracing around a cup and cutting along the soft curve. Cut another rectangle 13 inches long by six inches high out of the outside fabric. Sew seam binding across the top. Round the bottom edges with a cup as above.
3. Lay the shorter inside piece on top of the larger inside piece and line the raw edges up at the side and bottom and pin it on well. For the flatware pockets, make light marks across the smaller piece at 3-1/2 inches, 6-1/2 inches and 9-1/2 inches. Do this once along the top along the seam binding and once along the bottom, and then use a fabric pencil and measuring guide to draw light stitching lines between the marks.

4. Sew along the lines to create the flatware pockets (figure A). Place the inside pieces on top of the outside piece with wrong sides together and pin seam binding along the outside edge (it's best to select a spot along the side for the beginning and end of the seam tape). Fold the binding end over an inch and overlap where it began. Carefully sew the seam binding onto the carrier, sealing up all the raw edges.

5. Create a tie out of seam binding by folding it over as you did around the edges and sew it together with the ends folded in. This creates a very sturdy tie that can be tacked along the outside edge of the carrier (figure B).

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