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Albemarle House

Albemarle, a 45-room English country manor, is in central Virginia.

Ever since the state was settled in the 1600s, the green rolling hills of central Virginia have resembled the English countryside. And even more so in the 21st century, since one of the greatest estates ever built now sits at its center.

The home is Albemarle House, a 45-room English country manor with all the grace and grandeur of its great European ancestors.

Though Albemarle looks hundreds of years old, it was actually finished in 1985 by architect David Easton.

The home features a 130-foot-long art gallery and the dining room wallpaper was designed in Paris and hand-painted in India. What turns this manor into an estate is everything that surrounds it. Albemarle’s 1,200 lush acres feature an 18-hole golf course designed by Arnold Palmer, a winery and even a chapel.

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