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Baroque Accents

Artist Michelle Newman dressed up a dining area with lavish Baroque accents that all started from a basic piece of canvas.

The pieces include a floor cloth, wall hanging, table runner and place mats and all reflect architectural elements found in Spain.

Place Mats
Cut a piece of primed canvas to size and apply three tones of green paint in a horizontal gradation. Apply gold craft paint over a stencil that represents the curvilinear look of the Baroque style. Use hot glue to finish the edges with gold trim, tasseled fringe and metal elements in each corner.

Table Runner
Cut the canvas the length of the table with points on either end. Newman's design was inspired by the design on a painted wooden ceiling. Embellish the edges with more metal elements and fringe on each end.

Floor Cloth
Cut a piece of canvas into a 2x3 section and paint a Baroque-inspired design (Newman used the same stencil as seen on the place mat). Protect the finish with four coats of clear sealer. Hot-glue hand-knotted fringe to the edges.

Family Crest
Cut the canvas in a crest shape and create a coat of arms with paint (use books, magazines or your own family history for inspiration). Embellish with decorative mother-of-pearl elements. Add tassel ties to the side points.

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