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1905 Bungalow

Owner revamps charming old house but keeps its early 20th century character.

The dining room was once an extra bedroom — by removing the wall and rounding the corners of the door frame, the owner was able to gain space and stay true to his home's character.

Joan Steffend visits the home of a man who was charmed into buying his 1905 bungalow. To enhance the existing character, he knocked out a wall between the living room and an adjoining bedroom to create a formal dining room.

He capitalized on the original 1930 mint green and black tile in the bathroom by painting over the walls in a glossy black. He removed the glass doors to the shower and replaced them with a simple white shower curtain personalized with a black monogram made out of scrap fabric.

In the kitchen, white subway tile gives it the feel of a New York apartment. A display table purchased from a local retail store serves as a breakfast table.

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