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Trash To Treasure: Side Table, Coat Rack, Mini Easel

Robb Whittlef shares how to make four items — a side table, coat rack, easel and letter holder — out of one croquet set.

Use the body of the croquet set as a table base and top with an old wooden tabletop or piece of scrap lumber. Attach the mallets to the bottom for stability.

Create a coat rack out of mallet pieces and a piece of salvaged board. Cut off most of the mallet handle. On the board, drill holes the same diameter of the handle and secure with epoxy (or forego drilling the holes and attach with screws from the back).

Create a photo or artwork easel out of four croquet stakes. Attach two pieces in an inverted V shape and a third piece angled toward the back. Attach the fourth piece horizontally across the front.

Combine the metal wickets and a piece of old molding for a rustic letter/mail holder. Drill holes into the molding the size of the wickets and secure each with glue.

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