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Guest Bed and Bath

What might have turned into a very expensive undertaking stayed on track financially, thanks to the resourcefulness of Owens and her architect, Mark Cooper.

Years ago, when Carol Owens first built the addition to her contemporary house, it was because her family needed more space for all the entertaining they liked to do. After the kids grew up and moved away, however, she realized that the party room could be more useful as a guest bed and bath.

This renovated suite corresponds to an 18th- or 19th-century bedchamber — complete with distinct areas for sleeping and a place to have coffee or tea.

There also is a conversational/reading area.

An authentic 1886 wood stove adds historical flair and warmth to this extended contemporary rectangular space. Proportions and window levels were considered for placement of antique furnishings.

A small closet was converted into a shower and bathroom with the sink and mirror placed outside the bathroom area. A strategically placed armoire separates the bath area from the bedroom.

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