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Exotic Apartment

After a trip to India, designer David Desmond was inspired to combine fabrics and accessories from his trip with flea market finds to create an exciting and eclectic home.

The living room features a large-scale mural that is actually three pieces of wallpaper mounted to a board and framed to look like a painting. Textiles, like dhurrie rugs and handpainted fabric used as wall art, play an important role in the design. Furniture is a combination of contemporary and Asian pieces. The television is housed in a tall Asian-inspired armoire; large ginger jars on top provide a striking contrast to the burnt red finish. The coffee table exudes a modern feel, along with the travertine-topped table in front of the window.

Adjacent to the living room is a small sunroom featuring batik bedspreads on the walls. He used four spreads in the 8x10 space, simply stapling each to the wall and finishing the rough edges with gimp trim. The low profile of the cream-colored sofa and side chair allow the patterned walls to command full attention.

The look in the dining room is one of understated elegance. A glass table atop an acrylic base appears to float in the room; the substantial chairs are covered in a neutral fabric so as not to dominate the space. Against the back wall is a symmetrical arrangement consisting of two columns on either end of an altar table, two large white pots atop the table and a pair of stools underneath.

On the walls in his master bedroom, Desmond created a tortoiseshell look using layers of paint and stains. The bed is dressed with an ocher-colored block-printed Indian cotton. The lighter color provides a nice contrast to the dark walls. Striped pillows against a tall upholstered headboard bring in a modern feel.

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