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Creative Clay Co-Op

If you want to learn how to create art from polymer clay, where do you go?

Whether you're a beginner or a master clay craftsman who wants to refresh your skills or learn new techniques, the Center for Creative Arts in Minnesota, founded by artist Maureen Carlson, is a mecca for polymer clay artists. Beginners and professionals alike come together for the same purpose: to celebrate and learn more about the fascinating art of sculpting polymer clay.

Inside this "creative co-op," beginner and experienced artists are helped to hone their skills with polymer clay. Classes at the center last from one to seven days. A weeklong retreat focuses on creating polymer clay figures with fantasy themes (dragons, wizards, gnomes, etc.). In it, students learn various clay techniques, including figure mixing, sculpting, draping, and creating structurally sound work. All the while, they stay inside the co-op's quaint 19th century boarding house in the Minnesota countryside which has has been transformed into 3,600 square feet of sleeping rooms, class space, and a gallery. It's all to bring out the artist's best clay work in a unique environment where polymer art can thrive.

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