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Book Review: Mat, Mount & Frame It Yourself

Art in itself can be lovely, but sometimes it's how you present it that makes all the difference.

Mat, Mount, and Frame It Yourself
By M. David Logan

Simple paintings, with the proper frame, can become conversation pieces and set the theme of a room. Mat, Mount, and Frame It Yourself offers guidance on how to make a lovely painting or print a focal point of a room.

The book gives pointers on measuring accurately as well as selecting mat or frame colors, and offers tips on mounting, assembling frames and attaching hanging hardware. It likens a framing project to adding a deck, rather than making dinner from a recipe: planning ahead is key.

The book's tips are common-sense and easy-to-read and also offer the always-necessary tips on how to save money while undertaking these framing projects. Just braving these projects, it says, can save about $50 that could be spent having something professionally framed. Colorful pictures and detailed diagrams also help inspire and instruct, and the book helps those without color sense by giving an indication of what colors and materials should be considered when framing. Finally, the book offers a list of necessary permanent equipment, even making brand recommendations and offering cost estimates. It's a handy book for those who want to make their rooms artier, but don't necessarily want to spend their savings at the local frame shop.

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