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Marvelous Media Systems

Host Joan Kohn explores the latest options available and discusses the challenge of how to incorporate high-tech pieces into soft bedroom surroundings.

The desire to include sophisticated media centers in the bedroom is expanding as master suites become sanctuaries.

  • Many televisions located in the bathroom incorporate swivel arms since they often are tucked into the wall for concealment when not in use.
  • A media specialist can examine daily habits — where you shower, dress or sit as you read — to determine the best placement for a television set. Structural considerations such as plumbing as well as decor are also taken into account.

  • Mounting a rising television inside furniture or cabinetry is a popular way to incorporate a TV into a traditional design scheme.
  • TVs are a fixture in the bedroom now, but cutting-edge design also includes a small set in the bathroom or vanity area. Extra care should be taken any time electronics are used in a wet area.

  • Cabinetmakers can create custom housing for new large screen televisions.
  • A popular choice for television placement is to stack the set above a fireplace, so there is a single focal point in the room.

  • Contemporary furniture design emphasizes a clean, sleek look for media storage.
  • European companies are at the forefront of contemporary media storage design, offering new options in color, size and height.

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