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Contemporary Bedroom

Stephanie Laskow's stark white master bedroom is in need of a contemporary yet comfortable facelift.

She likes the modern lines but not the cold uninviting character. She hopes the design team can bring in a warm, friendly feel while staying true to the room's clean-lined architecture.

The Dilemma

Sam Kivett, Charles Burbridge and Summer Baltzer discuss the issues in the bedroom, which include minimizing the starkness, adding more light, concealing the TV cables and finding a more appropriate side chair. They devise a plan that will address each of the issues while adding style and comfort.

The Solution

  • One wall is painted a light gray/blue in a high-gloss finish.

  • Burbridge creates a textured headboard out of lumber and jute burlap webbing, which is often used for the underlying support in a couch or chair. He constructs a large grid out of 2" x 2" pine lumber and stains it to match the existing furniture. The jute burlap straps are overlapped in a basket weave design and stapled to the back of the grid. The grid is secured directly onto the wall above the bed.

  • Baltzer brings in a reflective surface with plastic mirrors attached high on the wall opposite the windows. The mirrors are flexible, lightweight and shatterproof and help to reflect the natural light. Three pieces are cut to size and attached to the wall with double-sided adhesive tape.

  • The old blinds are replaced with new white panels hung from a dark-stained rod.

  • Baltzer replaces the homeowner's wicker side chair with a leather and chrome contemporary piece.

  • The dresser is repositioned in front of a curtain wall separating the bedroom from the closet. The electrical cords are hidden under the floor-to-ceiling curtain.

  • Kivett creates a custom light fixture for the dressing area. He stains a 2' x 2' plywood board to match the furniture, applies a coat of polyurethane and wires the board with four light fixtures, complete with specialty reflective globes.

  • The bland closet doors are jazzed up with painted squares on each to reinforce the straight lines of Kivett's creative light fixture and the new side chair.

  • Two new table lamps and dark-stained side tables are placed on either side of the bed.

  • A red pillow is placed on the bed for a punch of color.

The Cost

Furniture - $462

  • end tables: Plummers - Ligna, Aurora, 102/W FLRG
  • swivel TV stand: The Good Guys - Vantage, TNT02
  • jute webbing: Lee's Decorative Showcase - JW9
  • arm chair: Plummers - Galvano Technica, 8897/BK STK6

Lighting and accessories - $245

  • clear glass vase: Marshalls - Domestics, #004076232
  • accent pillows: The Great Indoors - #9688919482
  • table lamps: Linens 'n Things - #082803147113
  • half silver light bulbs: Light Bulbs Unlimited - 60 A-19

Hardware - $165

Fabrics - $76

  • drapery sets: IKEA - #90046843

Paint and stains - $51

  • wall paint: Benjamin Moore - 2136-50 / Colorado Gray

Project Total - $999

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