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Shoebox: Personalized 3-D Shadowbox Picture

Here's how to design your own 3-D picture.

The interesting item that was in the Shoebox today was a most engaging 3-D picture of Little Red Riding Hood, sent in by Kathy Esparza of Midland, Tex. (figure A).

Figure B

What made it especially charming was the fact that Kathy had substituted a photograph of her own granddaughter in the place of Little Red Riding Hood (figure B).

Figure C

Kathy wrote that she started out with a picture from a program that she got with a digital camera. Because the program also included a way for you to put your own pictures into other pictures, she was able to substitute her granddaughters' face in the original picture of Red Riding Hood. Kathy then printed out several copies of the altered photo. Two of the pictures she glued onto sheets of paneling, and the third she glued to the back of a box (figure C).

Figure D

She then cut out portions of the other pictures and then stacked them in the box, spacing them about one half-inch to an inch apart to give depth to the completed scene (figure D).

Figure E

She actually made grooves along the bottom of the box for the panels to stand in (figure E), and then added a light to illuminate it all. This was the first project Kathy ever tried with her new scroll saw, but she wrote that she has since tried a number more with increasing success.

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