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More Vellum Scrapbook Tricks

Learn various ways to incorporate vellum into your scrapbook pages.

Projects by Vivian Peritts.

Pierced Vellum

Materials and Tools:

sewing machine
photocopy of photograph
8"x10" Acrylic Frame
one yard 1-1/2" wide white sheer ribbon
one yard 1-1/2" wide floral sheer ribbon
Emagination* Bravissimo! 8.5" x 11" adhesive-backed colored vellums
Emagination* Bravissimo! 8.5"x11" ancient floral paper
mat knife & mat
*Emagination no longer in business.


1. Cut the colored adhesive-backed vellums into lengthwise strips of varying widths, from 1/4" to 1/2". Cut clear vellum to 8" x 10".

2. Remove paper backing from vellum strips and apply to the front side of the natural vellum sheet at casual angles, overlapping some strips.

3. Cut off the excess strips and trim into confetti pieces. Add confetti to natural vellum sheet. Leave the backing on the natural vellum sheet.

4. Place the prepared vellum in the sewing machine without thread. Sew slanted lines from top to bottom with a basting stitch length. Sew approximately 21 lines of stitching.

5. Cut the photocopy into a 4-1/2" circle. Cut a circular hole into the center of the vellum about 4" in diameter.

6. Cut a heart shape out of the ancient floral paper.

7. Remove the backing from the vellum. Apply the photo underneath the vellum, and apply the heart cut-out underneath the photo.

8. Apply the vellum to the front of the acrylic frame.

9. Add the ribbon to the top of the frame. Tie a bow on one side of the frame. Place the frame in front of a light source, window, or lamp to show off the translucent effect.

Alternative: Use thread in the sewing machine.

Snowy "Etched Glass" Vellum Scrapbook Page

Materials and Tools:

The Edge wave scissors
Firenze jumbo Renaissance squares craft punch
large ivy leaf and frosty snowflake craft punches
8.5" x 11" dark blue card stock
8.5" x 11" white copy paper
Tacky glue
photocopy of a photograph
11" x 12" aluminum foil sheet
Emagination* Bravissimo! 8.5" x 11" milk glass blue adhesive-backed vellum
two ThermoWeb 8.5" x 11" Keep-A-Memory double-sided adhesive sheets
*Emagination no longer in business


1. Apply double-sided adhesive to back of photocopy. Mount photocopy on center front of vellum.

2. Remove backing from the back of the vellum. Place it adhesive side up on your working surface.

3. Punch four Firenze squares out of the white paper. Keep the punch outs. Place the squares at angles at the center top, bottom, and sides of the photocopy. This forms a diamond pattern.

4. Punch five ivy leaves out of white paper. Apply one on each corner of the adhesive.

5. Add one punch out from the Firenze squares on either side of the angles square.

6. Wrinkle the aluminum foil and smooth it back out. Apply adhesive-backed vellum to the shiny side of the foil. Trim foil to the size of the vellum.

7. Add adhesive to the back of the foil. Leave the paper backing on the second sheet of adhesive.

8. Trim the edges of the paper with decorative-edged scissors. Remove the paper backing and apply to the center of the card stock.

9. Punch snowflakes out of the white paper. Glue to the front of the vellum.

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