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Ghost Stamp Scrapbooking

Learn how to make a unique scrapbook page with some interesting stamping techniques.

Project by Maryse Carrier

Materials and Tools:

original photo or color copy
12" x 12" white cardstock
Magenta Grape Odyssey scrapbooking paper
Magenta Apple Blossoms background paper
Magenta bold diamond stamp
Magenta purple mesh Maruyama paper 7002
Magenta 3 leaves pewter sticker
Magenta Quick Frame en Blanc 02 (die-cut adhesive sheet)
Magenta Nathalie's Green & Nathalie's Violet Quick Frames
ColorBox pigment inks: frost white, moss green, olive, evergreen, copperswift
double-sided tape
wax paper
gold calligraphy pen


1. Stamp the diamond shape in white pigment ink on the Quick Frame en Blanc. Focus on the large rectangular frame. Let dry five minutes.

2. Rub moss green pigment ink over the entire stamped surface. Rub a paper towel on top to remove extra ink.

3. Stamp the same design in olive over certain diamonds. To create an antiqued effect, press on one side or on top or on bottom rather than applying equal pressure over entire stamp.

4. Using the same diamond stamp, also stamp in evergreen and copperswift. Leave some spaces without stamping.

5. Remove the frame from the sheet and place over photo.

6. Layer to a piece of grape odyssey paper.

7. Add double-sided tape to the back and position on Maruyama paper.

8. Cut a smaller piece of grape odyssey paper for the text. Layer to the apple blossoms paper. Write text with the gold calligraphy pen.

9. Add double-sided tape to the back and position on the Maruyama paper, below the photo. When using Maruyama paper, always add adhesive on both sides to secure the pieces.

10. Rub moss green pigment ink on the leaves from the green Quick Frame. This will make the color match.

11. With a regular pair of scissors, cut the leaves out of the pewter sticker and apply as shown.

12. Lift the green leaves from this sheet and lift some purple leaves from the other. Position as shown, and add corners.

13. Turn the whole finished page over and add double-sided tape behind all the elements. Place in the middle of the 12" x 12" white sheet.


- Magenta's Quick Frames are made of mat paper, which means they can be colored with inks, markers and pencils.

- For an alternative design, stamp with white pigment ink on Magenta's Black Frame-it and let dry. Enhance with colored pencils for an elegant style.

- Entirely cover a Magenta Frame-it with stickers for another great style.

- Use Magenta's Pewter stickers for unique scrapbooking embellishments. They can be cut, colored and beaded too!

- If you only want to use a specific part of the Quick Frame en Blanc, peel it before decorating it and put it on a piece of wax paper.

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