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Creating a Vintage, Functional Kitchen With '30s Style

This homeowner needs help opening up her small kitchen and creating a functional vintage style space.

It's been three years since Kendra moved into her one-story 1930s home. It has everything she wants for her and her pup, Bagel, with the exception of the kitchen. Kendra loves to cook and entertain, and she's hoping one of our experts will solve her decorating challenges and create a kitchen of her dreams.

It was a hard choice, but in the end Kendra decided to choose Mary Broerman for a couple of reasons. For one thing she came in under budget, and that gave Kendra the flexibility to play with some of the design elements. Mary custom-designed a shelf for cookbooks and enlarged a shelf of the hutch for serving. She removed the wall next to the hutch, creating a seamless transition to the new cabinets. For a homogenous look, the cabinet doors were used to hide the new washer and dryer, dishwasher, under-counter refrigerator and trash bin. The new sink also got an updated look. Mary's plan more than doubled the amount of counterspace, giving Kendra a counter for resting her grocery bags when she comes into the house through the new Dutch door.

Before the makeover this kitchen was closed in and cramped. Kendra needed space to move and an open design that would allow a flow between kitchen and living rooms for entertaining ease. The new kitchen is now a bright, functional space whose design remains true to the 1930s integrity of the home.

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