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Cozy French Country Family Room

This empty space is transformed into a cozy French country family room.

Scott and Nancy Weaver and their two daughters moved into their new home a couple of years ago. Scott is a chef, and so far the kitchen is the only room in the house that's complete. Now they're ready to tackle the most popular room in the house — the large, nearly empty family room — and they need the help of a designer to do it.

After careful consideration the Weavers decide to go with the expertise of designer Ann Nuebling. Inspired by the design of the entertainment center, Ann finishes off the fireplace with a carved wood mantel.

Before the makeover this family room was the most popular and the least designed in the house. Now with new furnishings, a soft yellow paint on the walls and a custom painted mural, Scott and Nancy have a beautiful family room where plenty of guests will enjoy being entertained.

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