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How to Make a Jester's Chair

Add plywood and fabric to a chair to transform it into a whimsical piece. Follow these step-by-step instructions.


1/2" plywood
straight-backed wooden chair
foam rubber
serrated knife
wood screws
spray adhesive
velvet (red, purple, green)
staple gun
hot glue gun
2 tassels


1. Draw the desired design onto the plywood (it can be just as wide as the chair back or extend beyond the edges for an exaggerated look). Cut the design out with a jigsaw and lightly sand the edges to prevent splintering. Repeat the process as two pieces are needed (one for the front and one for the back of the chair).
2. Lay the front plywood piece onto foam rubber and trace around it with a marker. Cut the design out of the foam with a serrated knife and set it aside. Hold the back plywood piece in place and drill pilot holes through the plywood and into the chair back supports. Repeat the process with the front board and screw each piece into place.

3. Use spray adhesive to attach the foam design to the front plywood piece (figure A).

4. To begin the upholstery process, sew the necessary length of red and purple velvet together. Remove the seat and upholster it with foam, batting and fabric. Wrap the seat frame and legs with batting and fabric--one side red and one side purple--and attach it with staples.
5. Wrap the foam back tightly with batting and fabric, and then staple it to the back. To finish the back of the chair, cut a piece of green velvet to size. Turn the edges and hot-glue it into place to cover the staples.
6. Reattach the seat and sew tassels on the jester points.

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