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Basic Black and You

Hairstylist Jill Kirsh shows how the right color accents can make people with any hair color look good in basic black.

  • The color on the face--lips, cheeks, eyes--should coordinate with your hair.

  • For redheads, accessorize with warm, rusty, earth colors or bold greens, golds and blues. Cream and beige also work, but avoid using gray.

  • Uninterrupted black can age an ash blond. Try adding soft, pastel colors near the face with a sweater or necklace. Cool colors such as dusty pink and periwinkle blue work best. Some tones to avoid with silver-blond hair include camel, Kelly green, olive green, beige and earth tones.

  • Women aren't the only ones who should dilute black. Men with golden blond hair should try adding a warm camel shirt and coordinating tie with a black suit to liven up the look. Warm colors such as peach and coral work well, as do browns and brights. For a light-colored shirt, golden blondes look better in off-white than true white.

  • Deep brunettes can wear intense, vibrant colors with black, but they should avoid medium tones and dusty colors like gray and browns.

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