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Historical Adobe

See a small, adobe-style home that was built in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1927.

Designer Marty Nelson helped homeowner Alexander Tschursin update a small, adobe-style home that was built in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1927. Tschursin's grandfather was the original owner so it was important to infuse the home with a style that updated the look of the rooms without compromising the integrity of the home's past. The solution: a colorful mix of wood furniture and eclectic artifacts.

The first room they tackled was the long, rectangular living room. To make it more user-friendly, Nelson arranged furniture in two seating areas. An intimate space is made up of two side chairs facing each other in front of the fireplace and a more formal arrangement with a large sofa and side chairs is found on the opposite end of the room. Two separate rugs are used to define the two areas.

The small dining room was also given a fresh look with the addition of some colorful furnishings. A weaving hung on the wall adds some Santa Fe-style. They chose to not put a rug under the table because of the room's small size and also because it serves as a passageway between the living room and kitchen.

The original kitchen didn't fit their needs so they had Nelson reconfigure the room without adding a square inch. They opened up walls and realigned cabinets and cooking areas to better fit their lifestyle.

Nelson installed new beadboard cabinetry with wrought-iron pulls to freshen the design while still respecting the home's history.

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