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Southwestern and Native American Antiques

Learn about Southwestern antiques.

Mike McKissick heard the call of the west years ago when he was working in Wyoming. He heeded the call and began dealing in a style many refer to as the Southwest look. This look has a rich history that began with the Native American Indians. Today, antiques and artifacts include paintings, pottery and weavings.

Native American weaving has been done in the southwest since the 18th century. The Pueblo and Navajo people have been weaving since then for themselves and for the tourist market. Early on, the Native Americans were limited to using natural grays, blacks and light colors in their weavings. However, today you'll find rugs, blankets and other weavings in an array of beautiful colors and graphic patterns.

Pottery making is a craft that's been done by the Pueblo people for centuries. Each Pueblo community has its own distinct look in pottery design with bold graphics and designs.

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