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Tackling the Home Office

Can the Rusches get rid of their floor-to-ceiling clutter and wall-to-wall paper?

Tracy and Greg Ruschs' home office is in bad need of a makeover. It's cluttered and disorganized. Pounds of paper and a tangled mass of wires and computer discs control the entire space. Tracy has literally been driven out of the office into the kitchen, and they have had enough.

They enlist the help of professional organizer Victoria Papi, who comes up a plan to get everything in order while adding style with custom cabinets and a better wiring system. Since the couple shares the space, everyone agrees that the space should be divided into three zones — his and her zones as well as a middle area that they and their children can use.

Before they can do that, the mess that's in there now has to be tackled. Tracy and Victoria work together to sort through all the paperwork and files, separating them into labeled bins.

Now that the room is clear, Greg, a do-it-yourself-er, and a friend start working on installing the new custom cabinetry and furniture. Window treatment is done to perk up the three floor-to-ceiling bay windows to allow more natural sunlight into the room.

Tracy's next move is to put all the now-organized items into their new homes. Here she has utilized one of the new drawers for computer disks, further organizing them with dividers to keep everything extra tidy.

After establishing an elaborate color-coded wiring system, complete with a key, organizer Victoria Papi suggests concealing the wires by tucking them inside a piece of flexible plastic tubing.

This is her side. Because she works from home a lot, her side houses most of the office equipment and even has an overhead stationery sorter.

Transformed from an office full of chaos to an office with order, the room now features his and her sides and takes advantage of the vertical space in the room. This is his side.

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