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Project Garage Declutter

Will the Longleys and their team of experts be able to come up with something that works for the whole family?

Meet Rosemary and Bob Longley. After five years of living in their dream home, they still have not unpacked all the boxes in the garage, and Bob continues to add to the clutter with more and more junk — so much so that a car will no longer fit into the garage. And it's a three-car garage.

Their basement is just as bad, despite Rosemary's efforts to save it.

Enter the team of experts: Janice Simonsen of IKEA, professional organizer Diane Comly of Personally Yours and shelf designer Lloyd Harrison.

It is decided that Rosemary will tackle the basement, while Bob works on the garage. They start by sorting through each box, deciding which items are keepers or garbage.

Shelf designer Lloyd Harrison and his team installed a hang wall system in the garage, a workbench, more shelves and cabinetry to provide space and separate everything by category.

Shelving was also added to accommodate the family's sports equipment. Now, each type of equipment has its own basket or bracket. This type of system is designed to make it easy to keep it organized and neat.

Janice Simonsen works with the Longleys on a plan to divide the basement into six sections — a kids' corner, a workstation for arts and crafts, a storage space for seasonal items, an exercise area, a music area for Bob to play his sax, and an overflow pantry area.

The arts-and-crafts zone of the basement includes a workstation with table and a room divider to conceal items that still need to be sorted.

Zone 3 boasts storage space for seasonal items as well as an overflow rack for seasonal clothes.

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