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Loft Playroom/Guest Room

See this unused loft be transformed into a multifunctional play and guest room.

Scott and Talia Diamond recently purchased a large contemporary home. They've found there's plenty of room to raise their two young children, but they need a space for the children to play that can double as a guestroom. They've decided to turn their upstairs loft into a special place that every member of the family can enjoy, but they need help designing a room that will function in multiple ways.

After careful consideration of all the designers' plans, the Diamonds decide that Jerry Dunn's ideas suit their needs best. Jerry gets to work. Closing off the extra entrance to the bathroom added much-needed space to one side of the room, and adding color to the walls gives the loft a much more inviting look. Jerry seamlessly incorporated the balcony into the design as another great place for the kids to play when the weather is nice.


Before the makeover this couple's upstairs loft was not being used to its full potential. These homeowners needed a multifunctional space for them and their children. Now Jerry has transformed the loft into a beautiful multifunctional space that every member of the family can use.

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