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Colorful Cottage

Designer Terri Julio transformed a dark one-bedroom home into a colorful cottage with apple-green paint and coordinating fabrics.

Her attack with paints made the 900-square-foot home appear not only brighter but larger. The apple green wall color not only blends with the outside landscape but it also creates a unique fresh attitude. An array of coordinating fabrics in florals, stripes and checks all work together to create a comfortable, cottage design.

The secret to mixing all of the patterns in the living room was pairing larger florals and plaids with small-scale prints. Designer Terri Julio says proportion is key. Bold plaids are paired with small checks and ginghams and all-over florals are balanced with smaller repeating floral motifs. Another common denominator is the color red. Julio says the strength of red is a good balance to the green — if you choose to work with bold colors, they each have to be equally strong to really achieve a good balance. Black is used as a foil to the array of colors.

Instead of using lots of patterns in the bedroom, she infused the space with one toile pattern found on the windows, bedding and sofa. A few small prints on the pilllows help to bring the look together.

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