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Small California Bungalow Tour

Designer Richard Herb gives a tour of his small California bungalow. In creating his home's design, he ignored its small size and decided to give it the kind of affordable, but high-end look you would expect to see in much larger homes.

The multifunctional living room is separated into a seating area in front of the fireplace and an intimate dining/working space on the other end of the room. Side chairs and sofas make up the seating area providing ample room for guests. A small round table and high-back chairs make up the dining/working vignette. Leather, suede and cut velvet are used extensively to exude a rich warmth. Herb concentrates on creating a certain mood in the living room with lighting. He features artwork and plants with uplights and uses small lamps and lit candles for ambiant lighting.

A glass-topped table in the dining room seats eight yet doesn't seem to fill the space because of its light look. A grouping of crystal candleholders adds to the elegant mood.

The U-shaped kitchen looks larger because of the mirror backsplash encircling the space.

Richard's bedroom is sophisticated with burgundy-striped upholstered walls and black accents. Multicolored pillows pick up the color in the artwork and rug. The space didn't allow for two side tables, so he balanced the look with matching floor lamps on either side of the bed.

The covered patio is furnished as if it was an interior space with artwork, a standing lamp, a stained-glass window and a wrought-iron candelabra over the wood dining table. A fountain on a nearby wall adds an organic, relaxing element to the graceful space.

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