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Refined Industrial Home Office

A cluttered home office is restyled with a fresh color scheme and contemporary elements.

Dave Chameides recently moved his home office from the comforts of the house to the partially converted garage. Although the garage provides ample space, it lacks organization and style.

The Dilemma

Sam Kivett and his design team, Summer Baltzer and Charles Burbridge, devise a floor plan to create organization and revitalize the otherwise dull and disorderly wide-open space. The challenging issues at hand are creating three separate spaces without making the room feel cramped, while giving the room definite style. Other issues are inadequate lighting, lack of window treatments and insufficient storage.

The Solution

Here's how the open space is defined by separate areas for storage, office work and meeting with clients:

  • Two walls are painted a muted purple color.

  • Summer concocts simple window treatments out of burlap. She hems the edges and adds grommets to the top. Next, she threads lightweight chain through a length of electrical conduit pipe. Metal shower curtain rings are secured to the grommets and used to hold the curtains in place on the pipe. A cup hook is attached to either side of the window and the chain on either end of the pipe holds the entire treatment in place.

  • Everything is put back in place according to the new floor plan. A meeting area is created in the entry with a new rug, sofa, two chairs, two tables and a lamp. The work space is set up to the immediate left of the meeting area and consists of the existing computer desk, newly-painted work desk and a table lamp. The metal screen separates the seating area and storage space in the back of room.

  • Charles creates an industrial-style room divider out of sheet metal to hide the storage area. He chooses a corrugated metal used primarily as roofing material. He creates a 10' x 6' framework out of 2x4s and paints it silver to match the metal. He pre-drills holes in the metal and attaches them to the frame with galvanized roofing nails. Casters are screwed onto wood bases and attached to the frame with L-brackets.

  • Sam gives Dave's existing pine desk a brand-new look with dark bronze spray paint. He sands off the clear finish, applies one coat of paint, sands again and then applies one final coat of paint.

The Cost

Furniture - $412

  • love seat, coffee table, end table, buffet lamps: Best Hotel Interiors
  • side chairs: Plummers - Galvano Technica, 8727C / natural leather

Fabric and rugs - $295

  • burlap: JoAnn Fabrics - 696237 / natural
  • sisal rug: IKEA - Egeby, #18760

Hardware and incidentals - $218

  • grommets: JoAnn Fabrics - 4195665/4195673 / silver

Paint and stains - $50

  • wall paint: Benjamin Moore - Wild Orchid, #2072-40

Accessories and lighting - $22

Project Total - $997

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