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'Vintage' Kitchen

Host Joan Kohn tours the charming vintage kitchen of Susanne Childress and Todd Tmka.

Suzanne Childress and Todd Tmka worked with designer Karoleen Schafer to create a new kitchen for their period Victorian home that had the look and feel of the original by using appropriate materials and style details.

The cabinetry defines the room’s style. White wood cabinets in a mix of depths and heights were chosen for a distinctive, interesting look. Glass, beadboard and chrome bin pulls set the vintage tone.
The ceiling gets its vintage look from glossy white tin tiles.

This authentic vintage sink, weighing 350 pounds, was rescued from the trash and refurbished.

The choice of countertops was unusual but appropriate to the vintage look. Cherry was used for perimeter counters and for the base of the island. It gives the room a warm, inviting feel. A soft black and white marble, which will eventually show signs of aging, was chosen for the island counter.

A cozy dining area off the kitchen uses soft colors and floral patterns to create a vintage Victorian feel.

The existing industrial laminate flooring was removed to reveal distressed pine floors original to the home. They were in poor shape and replaced with oak flooring that matched the wood used for floors in the rest of the home.

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