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French Country TV Room Makeover for Less than $500

An awkward TV room becomes two cozy activity areas.

Host Joan Steffend and designer Keri Beyer transform a long awkward room into two cozy activity areas.

After, living area

  • The walls are painted a soft yellow to start a French country look.
  • The TV area is comprised of the homeowner's two red sofas arranged in an L-shape opposite the armoire in the corner. A schoolhouse bench rounds out the arrangement. A colorful rug placed in the center pulls the colors together.
  • An old chicken coop is used for the coffee table and decorated with a vignette of ceramic chickens.
  • An old end table is turned into an ottoman with basket storage underneath.
  • The windows and sliding glass door are dressed with no-sew window treatments.
  • The bistro chairs are updated with upholstered seats. Plywood rounds are cut to size, covered with batting and fabric that's stapled to the back and attached to the wooden seats with screws.
  • The brass ceiling fan is replaced with a garage-sale chandelier spray-painted black.
  • A desk is created out of two filing cabinets for the base and two doors that act as the desktop and message center. The doors are painted red and attached in an L-shape then placed on top of the filing cabinets. A piece of glass is placed on the desktop for a smooth writing surface. Corkboard is cut to fit each panel of the upper door for a place to tack up notes.
  • The homeowner's lamps are reused but hidden behind white fabric that acts as a slipcover. Black cording cinches the fabric at the neck of the lamp.

Itemized Design Elements

$50 — paint
$139 — rug
$10 — coffee table
$3 — paint
$21 — ottoman
$70 — window treatments
$25 — bistro set
$20 — lampshades
$52 — desk
$2 — mementos
$5 — typewriter
$2 — tin
$25 — lamp
$9 — lamp covers
$27 — wall plates
$25 — porcelain piece
$9 — picture
$3 — misc.

$497 — Total Cost

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