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Studio Apartment Tour

This owner uses a money-saving budget and designer touches to give his small living space style.

Host Joan Steffend tours an apartment where the owner has brought in designer touches to his small space while sticking to a money-saving budget.

  • He replaced the curtains with simple window shades that pull up from the bottom.
  • Instead of a traditional headboard, he found a dining table top the exact dimensions of his queen-size bed. Painted black, it looks like a high-end piece of furniture. Table trays, also painted black, are placed sideways to look like designer tables.
  • Old trunks at the foot of the bed not only add a chic look, they also provide necessary storage.
  • The bathroom floor tile was cracked and shabby, so he purchased a roll of seagrass carpet, cut it to size the fit the dimensions and laid it in place.
  • He cleaned up the kitchen floor with peel-and-stick linoleum tiles in a classic black-and-white checkerboard pattern.
  • He replaced the wood centers of two kitchen cabinet doors with glass to reveal his white dinnerware and the beadboard behind it. A mirror leaned up against the kitchen backsplash below the cabinet helps to open up the cramped space.

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