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Rustic Cottage House Tour

A rustic cottage makes a fascinating home for this couple.

Host Joan Steffend tours the home of a couple who turned a one-room rustic cottage into a fascinating conversation piece.

  • Salvaged full-view retail doors were used for the front door to maximize the view and the light.

  • On the upstairs landing, an addition was built around a real porthole that allows light in from the back. An old-fashioned life preserver frames a mirror.

  • The hand railings leading into the living room are actually authentic tools.

  • Two beautiful stained-glass windows suspended from the ceiling separate the entryway.

  • An industrial beam that divides the living area from the dining area is enhanced by a section of a wooden arch that was stashed away in the basement. Two intricate windows hang on each side to complete the rustic archway.

  • The updated kitchen sports a stairway to the second floor built right into the kitchen island. An old oar acts as a hand rail.

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