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Moroccan Dining Experience

A bare and bland dining room is transformed with a dramatic Moroccan theme.

Larry Weissman just moved into a contemporary-style three-story townhouse. Having moved from a much smaller apartment, his new home is lacking furniture and feels bare and bland, particularly his dining room. He wants the room to be exotic and to stand out as a showpiece in his home.

The Dilemma

Host Sam Kivett finds that Weissman's current dining set is a coffee table surrounded by floor cushions, so he'll need a proper table and chairs. Kivett decides to incorporate a Moroccan theme into the space by bringing in jewel tones to liven up the white walls, creating a screen that blocks off the view to the living room below and by turning the sliding glass doors into a focal point with new window treatments.

The Solution

Here's how Weissman's spare dining room is turned around with a sultry Moroccan theme:

  • The walls are painted a deep blue to begin the Moroccan motif.

  • Design coordinator Summer Baltzer saves money by revamping the existing brass chandelier with specialty paints from a hardware store. The glass globes are removed, a section is taped off on each and a tinted glass paint is brushed on. Once dry, the stripes are outlined with a gold paint to set off the color. The bright brassy fixture is dulled with a metal paint for a smoky patina effect.

  • The seating concerns are addressed with a dark wood, large-scale dining table found at a thrift store for only $60. Kivett seals it with an application of boiled linseed oil. He recommends doing this once or twice a year to maintain wood furniture.

  • Design coordinator Charles Burbridge creates a custom wall treatment by cutting a classic Moroccan shape out of sheets of plywood. They're painted with a cream-colored paint and accented with a burnt umber paint stippled on for a textured effect. The burnt umber paint is diluted with polyurethane and ragged on for even more dimension. The pieces are tacked on the wall with small nails.

  • A buffet table adds serving space and storage for wine glasses and china.

  • Burbridge constructs a Moroccan-styled screen to block off the view to the living room below.

The Cost

Furniture - $655

  • buffet: Pier 1 - Pandan, #1910461
  • chairs: Pier 1 - San Bruno, #1897811
  • dining table: thrift store

Lumber - $105

Fabric - $100

  • tab-top sari panels: Ross - #40600496305902, tan and blue

Paint - $76

  • wall paint: Behr - SC16-3, Crown Jewel
  • paint for screen: Behr - #082474350041, Velvet Beige

Accessories - $63

  • curtain rods: Ross - #406402407278, silver
  • plates: Ross - #40600496305902, gold
  • candle globes: Ross - #40640770223102, multicolor
  • plates: Ross - #406000155007, flowered
  • plates: Ross - #40600038964802, blue

Project Total - $999

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