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How to Make an Embellished Ribbon Denim Jacket

Designer Mary O'Neil demonstrates how to embellish jackets, jeans and scarves with embossable velvet ribbon.

Materials and Tools:

Embossable Velvet Ribbon (see individual instructions)
Hot Potatoes rubber stamps
spray bottle with water
iron with steam holes just around the edges
sewing machine and thread
straight pins
other materials as indicated in individual projects

Velvet-Trimmed Denim Jacket

Additional Materials:

denim jacket
2" wide Embossable Velvet Ribbon the length of the jacket cuffs and bottom
3" or 4" wide velvet the length of the jacket collar
Mod Blocks #T425 and Line Up #T426 Hot Potatoes stamps


1. Emboss all the lengths of ribbon according to the basic instructions for embossed velvet below.

2. Remove the wire from the ribbon.

3. Pin the ribbon to the desired areas of the jacket, such as the cuffs and bottom. Along the bottom edge, it might be easier to attach the trim in several pieces to compensate for buttons or tabs, etc.

4. Pin around the collar so that one edge of the ribbon meets the decorative edge of topstitching on the jacket. Let the other edge go to the inside of the jacket.

5. Sew all the trim on. Tip: Sew as soon after pinning as possible. The pins can leave permanent marks in the velvet.

Velvet Trimmed Jeans
Add decorative trim or beads for an even more festive finish.

Additional Materials:

2" and 3" wide Embossable Velvet Ribbon to go around both jean legs
Small Dots #J420 and Bamboo Stars #K427 Hot Potatoes rubber stamps


1. Emboss all the lengths of ribbon and remove wire.

2. Cut each ribbon about 2 inches longer than the measurement around the bottom of each pant leg.

3. Sew the 2-inch and the 3-inch ribbon together to make one piece (about 5 inches wide) to add on to each pant leg.

4. Measure the exact length of each pant leg where the ribbon will be sewn on. Measure that exact length on each piece of ribbon and sew right sides together, making a tube.

5. Pin the tube to the pant legs and sew on.

Velvet No-Sew Scarf
Plan on making several of these fast scarf projects. They make great gifts.

Additional Materials:

1-1/2 to 2 yards of 4" wide Embossable Velvet Ribbon
20" of 1/4" wide Red Line or Tacky Tape
Mod Blocks #T425 Hot Potatoes rubber stamp
9" beaded trim


1. Emboss the entire length of ribbon and remove the wire.

2. Cut the ends to be perfectly straight. Fold the bottom edge of the ribbon under twice and secure with the tape so that no rough edges are exposed.

3. Cut the beaded trim in half and apply tape to the ribbon edge of the beaded trim.

4. Attach the beaded trim to the wrong side of the scarf.

How to emboss:
Note: Rayon acetate velvet is absolutely the best. Silk and rayon work but are tricky to deal with; avoid nylon, polyester or washable velvets. Use big, bold, Hot Potatoes stamps. Little detailed stamps get lost in the plush velvet. Hot Potatoes are made with special glue that allows them to take the heat process. The velvet will hold up to dry-cleaning.

1. Lightly mist the wrong side of the fabric.

2. Place the stamp image rubber side up on your work surface or ironing board.

3. Lay the fabric right side down against the stamp image.

4. Press the iron (set on high) to the fabric and press down.

5. Count to 20 and lift the iron up carefully. If there is any dampness, press again, but never touch or move fabric.

6. Hold the iron over the entire stamp surface and avoid letting the steam holes hit the design areas. They will make an impression as well. To avoid this you can place a press cloth or even tin foil or paper where steam holes might interfere with the design.

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