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A Girl's Country Bedroom

Designer Nan Sloan redecorates the cluttered bedroom of a 5-year-old girl using a fresh country look that is appropriate for the turn-of-the-century farmhouse.


With a charming quilted bedspread as the starting point, Designer Nan Sloan creates a decor that is not too juvenile, but something the young girl can grow up with. Bookshelves and some clever stools organize clutter and open up floor space, while the creative use of drapes and a feathered mirror transform the room into a cozy and inviting play space. The cost of the new look is just under $500.


Itemized Design Elements

$41.91 — wallpaper - 6 rolls of a small vintage rose pattern, found in a clearance bin. Paper was used below the chair rail and to cover the dressing table top.
$66.58 — scalloped chair rail and 20 wood knobs (Menards - #4175614 - chair rail ; wood knobs - mushroom)
$124 — bookcases (two, pre-drilled, with adjustable shelves) placed on either side of the bed for toy storage
$117 — drapes (closet pole for hanging, and fabric) hung on either side of the bed to hide bookcases (remnants)
$17 — dust ruffle - 2 yards fabric attached only on the side of the bed facing out (remnants)
$17.97 — cheesecloth - 3 yards draped over the bed and stapled to the ceiling (remnants )
$4.99 — cheesecloth for window (remnants)
$4.99 — rose garland - swagged over window
$10 — table (from thrift shop) sawed in half and attached to the wall as dressing table
$40 — mirror - antique feather boa hot-glued around it for dressing table (estate sale)
$8.50 — table skirt fabric
$30.50 — stools - two skirted storage stools made from five-gallon buckets (Home Depot - Bucket Boss sku#721415100108)

$497.47 — Total cost of room makeover

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