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Dressing Up Closet Doors

Designer Richard Anderson shares tips on how to enhance your closet doors.

Interior designer Richard Anderson offers tips on enhancing closet doors.

  • If you have a mirrored closet door, fool the eye by making a faux French door. Measure the mirrored area, then go to a hardware store to have window grids cut for you. Simply attach the grid over the mirror (figure A).

    Figure B

    It will look like it's a doorway into another room. Add faux foliage if you prefer (figure B).

    Figure C

  • Add a feminine touch to your closet door with a curtain that is especially made for French doors (figure C). Attach the rods at the top and bottom, and choose your favorite color and fabric to complement the room.

  • Does your teenager want to hang posters over every inch of his or her room? Are you less-than-excited about having a hole-peppered wall when those posters come down? If so, an easy way to avoid this is to make an interchangeable panel to hang on a closet door. Best of all, it can be switched at any time! See the instructions below to find out how.

Interchangeable Door Panels

Materials and Tools:

foam core
decorative fabric or wrapping paper
hook-and-loop tape


  1. Measure your closet door. You can make your panel in any shape or size, but be sure to measure the decorative inlays as well as entire door. Another option is to cut it in a wild wavy shape.

  2. Use foam core, which is available at most hardware or art stores and cut out the shape you desire. Try using initials for a fun effect.

  3. Cover the foam core with decorative fabric or wrapping paper.

  4. Attach hook-and-loop tape to the closet door and to the back of the foam core. This type of door covering works great for a home office, sewing room or child's room, and it was done without making a single hole.

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