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Bohemian Living Room

Reminiscent of the Victorian era, this Bohemian themed living room uses funkier pieces to provide a relaxed, casual effect.

It would cost $66,000 to create a space identical to this room inspired by the early 20th century.

Host Susan Blake and designer Robert Noble tour a room that hearkens back to the early 20th century — the world of the bohemian writer or traveler. Antique accessories — such as an 18th-century Chinese tea caddy — account for the room's hefty price tag.

This living room is in need of a makeover, but is on a small budget.

Robert is challenged with transforming a small, white-walled room into a relaxed, colorful living area reminiscent of the inspiration room, but on a much smaller budget.

If you're on a small budget and want to give a bohemian feel to your living room, focus on style, comfort and warmth, says Noble.

Here are his tips for getting started:

  • Begin in the attic. Old baby shoes, empty picture frames and old photographs can help pull a bohemian style room together at virtually no cost.
  • Spend money on a funky chair, the right coffee table and a couple of rugs that you can layer.

The inspiration space is nearly duplicated, but for much less money.

Robert painted the white walls a burnt orange color. He then hung amber-colored velvet panels over the room's single window. He placed a Persian-style cotton rug in the center of a large sissal rug for a layered look. The used sofa was purchased at a consignment store for $450.

A 1920s style chest of drawers was bought from a thrift shop for $40. On the wall above the chest, he placed a white shelf, distressed and then accessorized with a framed print, a Japanese candy jar, a small statue and a vanity tray.

On the wall above the shelf, Robert placed a pair of framed prints and a clock surrounded by an oval gold frame. A Queen Anne-style chair was purchased at a thrift store for $40. A cherry wood coffee table in front of the sofa was accessorized it with a tray, decanter set, antique books and other items.

Robert added a rattan chair and ebony-finish footstool to the room; on the wall behind them, he hung framed artwork.

To see where the savings are, take a look at this direct cost comparison of some Inspiration Room items and the creatively comparable ones used in the Makeover Room:

  • Antique chest of drawers, $4,300 / Chest of drawers, $40

  • Chest, plus accessories, $12,400 / Chest and accessories, $260

  • Upholstered chair, $4,000 / Upholstered chair, $40

  • Coffee table accessories, $3,300 / Coffee table accessories, $75

double-tiered tea table, brass-colored wood clock, floral tray, colored glass, money chest, gold-framed mirror (Tuesday Morning)
frames, beveled mirrors (Michaels Arts and Crafts)
bowl, brass candlesticks, wall clock (Marshalls)
tapestry-covered oval box, woman statue, small metal basketball player, ceramic baby shoes (Ross Stores)
mirror (Pier 1)
white shelf, dark brown curtains (Pottery Barn)
wall paint (Benjamin Moore - Yellow Marigold, #2155-30)
finials (Target)

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