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How to Make Picture Frames

Entertaining expert Dana Christine provides tips for making clever picture frames.

Follow some of these tips for creative frames.

Frame a piece of art or photo by cutting it to size, gluing it to a cardboard piece, and using hot glue to adhere a plain wreath around it. You could use a simple grapevine wreath or raffia wreath.

A blown-up baby inner tube makes a cute frame for a child's room. Just glue an image onto cardboard and thoroughly tape it onto the tube with masking tape. Tape a ribbon to the top for hanging, and that's it.

Remove the bottom of a tart pan and use the rim as a frame. Be sure to use glue that works on metal.

Hot glue bolts, screws, and nails to an existing frame for the handyman or handywoman in your life.

Use an old 45 record as a small picture frame. Just place a tiny picture in the hole of the record. Be sure to use the record of a song that the people in the picture would enjoy. Use a paint pen to write a special message on the record if you prefer. This is a great gift idea for a reunion with old friends.

Straight-edged rulers arranged in a square or rectangle shape make for a unique frame.

Cookie cutters make nice frames, too. Trace around the image with a pencil, cut it out and adhere a piece of magnet to the back of the picture if you want to hang it on a place like a refrigerator.

Make a great frame for a sports-team photo with artificial turf. Cut out a frame from with a craft knife. Use duct tape or masking tape to affix a cardboard backing, then the photo to the frame.

Old Mason-jar rings also make cute magnetic frames. Cut the image to size and use a spray adhesive to mount it to a piece of cardboard.

Purchase an old window frame, with or without the panes of glass, at a reuse-it center. Use this to frame one large photo or four smaller photos to fit each pane.

How about using a heart-shaped springform pan as a cute frame for a loved one?

Use a small tire as a frame.

Cut the center out of an old place mat and use this as a frame.

Positioning polyester fiberfill over the surface of the frame to pad it. Adhere with fabric glue or hot glue.

Yard sales are great places to pick up items for framing.

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