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Four-Poster Beds

Four-poster beds originally served a purely functional purpose — to keep people off the cold, hard ground. Today, these beds come in different styles perfect for any bedroom.

Perhaps nothing creates a sense of drama in the bedroom more than a four-poster bed. Since it's one of the first things you see when you walk into a bedroom, make a statement with your bed.

A gorgeous four-poster bed sets the tone for the entire bedroom and your day. Since the bed dominates this space, its presence lays the foundation for its style and adds drama.

Traditional hand-carved wood four-poster beds are enjoying a renaissance in popularity because there are so many styles of wood and posts to choose from.

Regal high-post beds can stand up to eight feet tall and fill a room with their presence. Low-post beds stand up to three feet high, offering a subtle yet substantial look.

Metal four-posters can add a modern touch.

For added texture, designers incorporate four-poster beds that combine wood and metal. Highly polished dark wood can be complemented with brushed pewter accents. For a look that's sleek and modern, some forego the wood and stick strictly with metal.

Consider a handpainted bed for a beautiful work of art that serves a practical purpose. Create the look of a canopy by hanging sheers from the ceiling at the bed's four corners.

For a touch of elegance in the bedroom, add a canopy to your four-post bed.

Add a bit of intimacy to a dramatic bed with a canopy. It lends softness and a touch of elegance to a bedroom. Many styles today are designed to easily convert from a standard four-poster to a canopy. Nature lovers can bring the outdoors in by winding fake vines around twisted metal posts.

Simple panels can add the feel of a canopy while using less fabric.

For the coziness of a canopy without all the fabric, drape panels over curtain tiebacks above the bed to frame the headboard and soften the wall. It gives a canopy feel, yet keeps the look simple and elegant.

American Impressions pencil post bed, Avenue canopy bed, Country Crossing four-poster bed, black four-poster bed that converts to a canopy, cherry and pewter Accent Bed, four-poster bed with diamond cut-out in headboard (Ethan Allen)

wood four-poster canopy with string blanket on top (Kinloch Woodworking Ltd.)

handpainted beds (Patina, Inc.)

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