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How to Build a Hide-and-Seek TV Stand

Incorporate the TV into a room's design without making it obvious.

Designers are coming up with creative ways in which to hide the TV when it's not being used. In the '50s, the TV was the icon and it figured prominently in everyone's living room. Today the trick is to figure out creative ways to hide it so the ever-popular television cabinet is being designed to work with every decor. A decorative handpainted cabinet adds a splash of color to any room. When the doors are open, it functions as the entertainment center but it's a work of art and the focal point when shut.

The depth of smaller TVs can pose problems so wall units are being built deeper than ever before. They still showcase books and personal objects while keeping the TV from becoming the focus of the room. Laminate a picture to plywood and attach it to commercial drawer slides so a simple flick of a handle lowers it over the set. Electronic devices can raise and lower a TV at the foot of the bed, or a piece of art can conceal a flat-screened unit.

Hide-and-Seek TV Stand

Materials and Tools:

wood shelving unit
tassels or ribbon
2 Velcro fasteners


1. Stain the shelves as desired and let dry.

2. Use Velcro to attach the top edge of the curtains to the top of the shelving unit.

3. Tie curtains back in the middle with tassels or ribbon to reveal the shelves but not the television.

4. Apply Velcro fasteners to the inside corners of the curtains to hold them back when watching TV.

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