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Quick and Easy-to-Make Holiday Dolls

Follow these steps to stitch your own Santa doll or a doll from the Kwanzaa holiday.

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If you need to make a quick holiday gift for someone this year, try making one of these adorable dolls from a few pieces of fabric and socks! The doll pattern is the same, but by changing the color of the socks and other accessories, you can create a wide variety of characters, including Santa and a doll from the Kwanzaa holiday.


matching thread
wool, mohair, cotton, etc.
other accessories , such as glasses, Santa sack, packages, etc.


1. Start with two rectangular pieces of fabric of the same size. These will be the arms. Draw an arm shape on the fabric and stitch the two together on that line (figure A).

2. You'll also need two pieces of fabric for the body. Draw a body shape on fabric (figure B).

3. Place the two pieces right sides together and slip in a piece of black felt for the boots (figure C).

4. Sew together, trim excess and turn right sides out. Stitch a crease up the middle of the piece to form the legs (figure D).

5. Stuff the body and arms. Next, attach the arms to the bottom with needle and thread (figure E). To form the head, simply take a piece of thread and tie around the "neck."

6. To dress the doll in a Santa suit, cut a red sock in half at the heel. The heel part of the sock becomes his hat. The other part of the sock becomes his suit. This will fit over the entire body. To emphasize the legs, make a few tacks in the sock where the legs should separate.

7. For the arms, cut the top off two more red socks and slip them over the arms (figure F).

8. To embellish the doll, apply mohair or wool to make the cuffs for the boots and arms and to make Santa a beard and hair.

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