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How to Make Roman Shades with an Elegant Topper

Learn how to sew panels with ring loops for a movable fabric shade.


  1. Cut a flat panel just a little bit wider than the opening of the window. Line it and sew nine pieces of one-inch twill tape horizontally across the shade.

    Figure A

    Hand-stitch plastic rings in place on the tape about six or seven inches in from the outer edge of each side (figure A).

    Figure B

    Slide a wooden dowel into the twill tape openings.(figure B).

  2. Thread the polyester drapery cord by tying it at the bottom and stringing it through all the plastic rings and a couple of screw eyes on a mounting board at the top. Pull the left side string through the right screw eye and tie a knot after determining desired cord length when shade is up. Staple the fabric shade to the top of the board.

Figure C

  • Design a topper if desired (see below for instructions) (figure C).
  • Pull the cord to fold the shade up and place the knot over a teacup hook on the lower right side of the window.

  • Elegant Topper

    This topper can be paired with Roman shades or used alone.

    Figure D


    1. Once you determine the length and width of desired topper, add an additional inch to each side for side hems and two inches to the top for a rod pocket.

    Figure E

    Cut out rectangular fabric panel and a piece of Fuse-A-Shade (available in craft and fabric stores) to match (figure E). Follow the instructions to attach the shade material on the back with an iron.

  • Iron the side seams in place with iron-on tape. Fold over the rod pocket and attach in the same manner.

  • Figure F

  • To create the design along the bottom edge, draw a template of half the design on stiff paper (figure F). Transfer the design to the back of the shade with a pencil and carefully cut along the line. Hot-glue decorative tape along the edges.

  • Slip the topper on a fancy rod and add a large tassel if desired.

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