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Clever Cornices

Add a decorative touch to windows with Michael Basler's easy-to-make wooden cornices.

Materials and Tools:

1/2" finishing nails
wood putty
tack cloth
latex primer
latex paint in various colors
coordinating wallpaper border
border adhesive
angle irons


  1. Decide what the cornice will look like and cut the pieces. There is no pattern to this, since the design depends on the size of the window. Take into consideration how long you want the piece to be, and if you want to add a decorative edge.

  2. Cut the pieces and nail them together with finishing nails.
  3. Apply wood putty to any rough surfaces and let dry.
  4. Lightly sand the cornice and wipe off any excess with a tack cloth.
  5. Prime the cornice with a latex primer, let dry and paint the entire surface front and back with the colors of your choice. Let dry.
  6. Apply border adhesive to the wallpaper border and place on the cornice.
  7. To hang: Drill two angle irons into the wall where you want the cornice to hang and place the cornice on top of the angle irons. From underneath the cornice, drill screws from the angle irons into the cornice to secure.

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