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Fancy Terra Cotta Pots

Carol takes plain terra cotta pots and converts them into design pieces by adding rub-ons by Chartpak, paper napkins, stickers, Con-Tact paper, glaze and much more.

Here are some of her well-executed tips and tricks:

  • Always start with a clean, dry pot. Clay takes a very long time to dry, so don't wash and decorate the pot on the same day.
  • The pots may be adorned with stenciled or painted designs. If you want to reproduce Carol's "dot" patterns, just use a brand-new pencil eraser as a "paint brush."
  • Use masking tape to create a "western look" design.

  • To evoke an antiqued look on the pot, paint it first with liquid gold leaf, and then "age" the gold by applying a raw umber top coat.
  • For very quick decoupage, use stickers instead of pictures that have to be glued on.
  • All sorts of small items - ranging from costume jewelry, buttons, and plastic Cracker Jack toys - can be attached to the pot to "jazz" it up.

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