Design Star All Stars: Photo Highlights From Episode 4

In the season finale of Design Star All Stars, the final three turn tiny shipping containers into functional homes.

  • The Final Three

    The top three candidates must complete one more challenge to earn the title of the first Design Star All Star, plus a prize of $25,000 and an appearance on an HGTV show. Their task? Create a functional home inside a 20-foot by 8-foot shipping container.

  • Guest Judge: Carter Oosterhouse

    The host of HGTV's Million Dollar Rooms joins host David Bromstad and regulars Vern Yip and Genevieve Gorder on this week's design panel.

  • Traditional Tom

    Tom plans his signature look — high-end, curated accessories and layered neutrals — for his itsy-bitsy shipping container.

  • A Visit From a Friend

    Tom's best friend, Tom, makes a surprise visit to the set to lift his pal's spirits.

  • Sectional Living

    Tom divides the shipping container into three distinct areas — a dining and reading space with built-in bookshelves, a living area and a sleeping space.

  • Before: Tom's Bare Shipping Container

    This brand-new shipping container was ready for Tom's signature style.

  • After: Statement Entryway

    The judges agree that the architectural bench on Tom's patio shows a high taste level, but Vern wishes it increased the home's living space a bit more.

  • Before: Tiny Box

    It's hard to imagine anyone living inside this mini mobile home.

  • After: Curated Style

    The judges love his mix of textures and patterns. \"His look is luxe, his look is expensive, and who doesn't want that?\" says Genevieve.

  • Before: Bright and White

  • After: Stylish and Functional Living Area

  • After: Built-In Bookshelves

  • After: Curated Accessories

  • After: Dual-Purpose Entryway

  • After: Tom's Original Artwork

  • After: Tom in His Finished Space

  • Leslie's Kid-Friendly Container

    Leslie has a leg up on the competition: She's actually decorated a shipping container before as a children's bunk at her Cape Cod beach house. She decides to recreate the kid-friendly, beachy style in this challenge.

  • Touches of Sophistication

    During season six of Design Star, Leslie was sent home for a too-juvenille take on a two-year-old boy's room. She adds touches of sophistication to avoid the same mistake twice. She also works with her carpenter to design a space-saving murphy bed.

  • Parents' Pep Talk

    Leslie's parents make a surprise visit to the set to cheer her on and help her achieve her Design Star dream.

  • Before: Red and Ready

    Leslie's red shipping container, before the challenge.

  • After: Simple Seating

    A simple-but-functional seating area greets the judges as they enter Leslie's space.

  • Before: Blank Slate

    This container's white interior was begging for style and function.

  • After: Cape Cod-Inspired Getaway

    The judges love the family-friendly — but still stylish — functionality of Leslie's shipping container. Her smart solutions, like the chalkboard-backed murphy bed, make use of every inch of space.

  • Before: Waiting for Style

  • After: Beachy Style, Delivered

  • After: Murphy Bed and Chalkboard Wall

  • After: A Fold-Up Place to Sleep

  • After: By-the-Door Storage Hooks

  • After: Multi-Purpose Storage Hutch

  • After: Nautical Mirrors

  • After: Rope-Embellished Hanging Bench

  • After: Rustic Wall Art

  • After: Kid-Friendly Sofa and Bright Pillows

  • After: Leslie in the Finished Space

  • Hilari's Midcentury Style

    Hilari decides to think outside of her glamorous comfort zone; her shipping container's furnishings are inspired by sleek-and-small midcentury lines.

  • Girly Modern

    Hilari chooses a bright coral wall hue to complement her room's modern furnishings.

  • Spirit-Lifting Surprise

    Hilari's daughter and husband make a surprise visit to the set to give the designer a final push.

  • Before: Blank Slate

    A bare patio and yellow exterior wait to be styled.

  • After: Added Living Space

    Lots of plants and wall partitions create privacy and nearly double the living space of this itsy-bitsy home.

  • After: Bistro Table

  • Before: Fresh Off the Truck

    This new container needed Hilari's signature style.

  • After: Midcentury Glamour

    Hilari created a space full of low-slung midcentury pieces, with her signature glitz and glamour mixed in. \"She's giving us something that is still her style, but really stepping outside of her box,\" Vern says. However, Genevieve says that the pink tone is \"reading too fleshy.\"

  • Before: Blank Slate

  • After: Low-Slung Living Room

  • Before: Triple-Purpose Room Divider, Bookshelf and Nighstand

  • After: Glitzy Accessories

  • After: Private Bed Nook

  • After: Hanging Planters

  • After: Low-Profile Sofa

  • After: Retro Gold Coffee Table

  • After: Textural Pendant Lighting

  • The Moment of Truth

    One trip to the Elimination Studio is all that's between these three designers and their dream of winning Design Star All Stars.

  • The Final Deliberation

    With three strong contenders, the panel took the designers' entire body of work, overall improvement and camera presence into account. And the winner is...

  • The First All Star Winner

    Leslie! Her rock-solid camera challenges and strong design skills made her the judges' pick for the very first Design Star All Star.

  • Congratulations, Leslie!

    \"All the blood, sweat and tears that I've put into this's worth it to have my dream come true,\" Leslie says. \"This experience has been life changing.\"

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