Design Star All Stars: Photo Highlights From Episode 3

The final four Design Star All Stars contestants take a trip down memory lane to make over sets inspired by hit '80s sitcom The Facts of Life..

  • The Final Four

    Leslie, Tom, Dan and Hilari are all strong contenders — who will make it to the finale? One more challenge will determine the final three.

  • The Facts of Design

    Host David Bromstad presents this week's challenge: Pairs of designers must make over sets inspired by hit '80s sitcom The Facts of Life. Each group must reimagine what an all-girls boarding school TV set would look like today.

  • Guest Judge: Mindy Cohn

    In The Facts of Life, Mindy Cohn played boarding school student Natalie. Today, she's a design enthusiast, actress and comedian. She's the guest judge on this week's panel alongside regulars Vern and Genevieve.

  • Team One: Leslie and Tom

    Leslie and Tom team up. Their game plan: Keep the set traditional, but update to a lighter, brighter color palette and create a homey, lived-in look.

  • Too Many Accessories?

    Leslie worries at first that Tom is stocking up on too many accent pieces, but she tries to avoid micromanaging the project.

  • Mentor Meeting

    Too many colors and patterns don't make for a beautiful camera shot. When Leslie and Tom meet with host and mentor David Bromstad, he recommends they tone down their accent walls.

  • Hamming It Up

    Leslie dons roller skates for the camera challenge as a throwback to Mindy Kohn's character, Natalie.

  • Before: Stuck in the '70s

    With paneling, dark woods and an outdated fireplace, this set needs some upgrades.

  • After: Elegant Update

    The judges love Leslie and Tom's traditional update and agreed it looked like a high-end school environment, but with there were a few more pops of bold color. \"It's stunning in person, but less impressive on camera,\" says judge Vern Yip.

  • After: One-of-A-Kind Globe Coffee Table

  • Before: Drab and Oudated Fireplace

  • After: Bright White Update

  • After: Tom's Fireside Reading Nook

  • After: Perfectly-Styled Bookcase

  • After: Wallpaper and Crown Molding

  • After: Texture and Pattern on the Floor

  • Before: Dated Paneling

  • After: Architectural Update

  • After: Worldly Accessories

  • After: Crew-Inspired Medallions

  • After: Leslie in the Finished Space

  • After: Tom Poses on His Set

  • Team Two: Hilari and Dan

    This duo decides to pursue a more modern take on the boarding school look with lots of bright, bold colors and patterns. They decide to turn the paneling into a lime green accent wall.

  • Problem-Solving

    Hilari is worried about the green paneling being too bold, so she suggests they create faux windows to break up the wall.

  • Modern Staging

    Dan arranges the books in vertical stacks to give every detail a modern look.

  • David's Advice

    David hints that the lime green paneling might be too bright for TV, but Dan sticks to his design guns.

  • Before: Drab and Outdate Set

    This living and dining room set definitely isn't camera-ready.

  • After: Bold and Modern

    The judges love many details in Dan and Hilari's space — like the office nook and the updated fireplace — but they can't get past the green wall. \"We've seen this tennis ball green from Dan before, in the season four kids' room challenge,\" remembers Genevieve.

  • After: Plush Chesterfield Sofa

  • After: Bold Seating Area

  • Before: Nothing Special

  • After: Modern and Traditional

  • After: Fiery Focal Point

  • After: Bookcase Storage

  • Before: '70s Paneling

  • After: Present-Day Dining

  • After: Contemporary Dining Table

  • After: Sideboard Storage

  • After: Extra Greenery

  • After: Space-Saving Homework Nook

  • After: Hilari in the Finished Space

  • Goodbye, Dan

    The judges named Leslie and Tom's room the winning space this week. Dan's repeat offense — the bright green wall — and a ho-hum camera challenge was enough to send him home.

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