Design Star All Stars: Photo Highlights From Episode 2

The remaining five team up to make over two rooms in the bare condo of two Dancing With the Stars regulars.

  • All-Star Cast

    For the second Design Star All Stars challenge, the final five must make over a condo for a busy (and famous) couple.

  • The Clients

    You've seen Jonathan Roberts and Anna Trebunskaya tango and twirl on Dancing With the Stars, but they aren't exactly experts when it comes to decorating their home.

  • New Design Moves

    After Jonathan and Anna show the designers a few dance steps, they ask them to make over two bare living areas in their condo with a $20,000 budget.

  • Guest Judge: Monica Pedersen

    HGTV star and host of HGTV Dream Home Giveaway and Designed to Sell joins the all-star panel this week.

  • Team One: Living Room

    Leslie, Josh and Hilari team up to create a girly living room for Anna. Her wish list: glitz, glamour and adaptability — she wants to be able to move the furniture to choreograph new dance moves.

  • Looking for Sparkle

    When a client asks for a glamorous room, Sparkle Josh feels right at home. He searches for accessories that will show off his glitzy style.

  • Overbearing Partner

    Hilari and Josh are taken aback by Leslie's take-charge attitude and mile-a-minute ideas. \"I feel like we were a little steamrolled,\" Josh says.

  • Before: Bare and Boring

    The couple couldn't agree on a style for this room, so they left it neutral and nearly empty.

  • After: Comfortable Glamour

    The judges love Hilari's furniture selections, but think the accessories by Leslie and Josh could be better-edited.

  • Before: Basic Beige

  • After: Cool Blue Color Scheme

  • After: Modern Chesterfield Sofa

  • After: Nature-Inspired Wall Art

  • After: Rolling Coffee Table

  • After: Trellis-Patterned Chairs

  • After: Mirrored Fireplace Focal Point

  • Before: Blank Dining Room

    A bulky table makes this dining room seem cramped, not to mention boring.

  • After: Fully Furnished

    The judges love how Leslie's glass dining table saved visual space, but think Josh's chandelier was too low. \"The stripes need to be more tonal...they're not as pretty as they could be,\" says guest judge Monica Pedersen.

  • After: Hilari's Striped Walls

  • After: Glass Dining Table

  • After: Tableside Mirror

  • After: Hilari on the Tufted Sofa

  • After: Leslie in the Finished Space

  • After: Josh and His Inspirational Lamp

  • Team Two: Guy's Game Room

    Tom and Dan team up to create Jonathan's side of the living space: a cozy den where he can play video games and darts with his friends. Among his requests: A desk area, lots of seating and map wall art.

  • Off on the Wrong Foot

    Communication issues crippled this team early on, but after they talked through their problems, Dan and Tom were unstoppable.

  • Tom's Map Installation

    Tom uses maps and shadowboxes to create a 3-D art installation.

  • Dan's Media Console

    Dan deconstructs a vintage trunk and works with the carpenter to turn it into a one-of-a-kind media console.

  • Before: Basic Bachelor Pad

    This room had the bare essentials for a men's lounge — a sofa, television and dartboard — but not much style.

  • After: Stylish Den

    Aside from the \"Grandma\" wall color, the judges loved this room's sophisticated details and finished look.

  • After: The Original Dart Board

  • After: Personal Mantel Details

  • After: Clock-Inspired Wall Art

  • After: Jonathan's Original Lamp

  • Before: No Space Plan

  • After: Space for Lounging

  • After: Tom's Finished Map Installation

  • After: Sophisticated Plaid Armchair

  • After: The Perfect Sectional Sofa

  • After: Tom in the Finished Space

  • After: Dan and His Custom Media Console

  • Goodbye, Sparkle Josh

    In the elimination room, the judges agree on the best and worst designers — Tom takes top honors and Sparkle Josh is sent home. \"Continue sparkling, you're an inspiration to us all,\" Vern says.

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